Anna Gottheil Registered DietitianQuebec, Canada

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      If you are looking to make peace with your body, feel empowered in your nutrition choices, and fuelled for a full and healthy life, we may just be the perfect fit. 

I am a Registered Dietitian and Certified Intuitive Eating Counsellor with a special interest in plant-based diets. I use a combination of techniques from positive psychology and motivational interviewing to guide my clients into making positive changes that last. I'm excited to meet you!



Eating Disorder Recovery
Intuitive Eating
Vegeterian and Vegan Diets
Wellness and Prevention

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  • English

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Initial consultation

60 min, CA$130.00
      In our first meeting, we'll talk about your current eating patterns, general lifestyle habits, medical history and reasons for seeking support. We'll then work together to create a nutrition care plan tailored to you. 

Come prepared for our first session by thinking about what you would like to work on and any questions you want to remember to ask.

Standard follow-up

60 min, CA$100.00
      Diet and lifestyle changes are a gradual process, learning new information and skills can take time. We'll talk about what is going well and any concerns or unexpected barriers that arose. Expect to learn about new tools or resources and receive support and feedback. 

Quick check-in

30 min, CA$60.00
      In this shorter appointment, you are invited to ask questions, share what is going well and what areas feel more challenging. We'll adjust your nutrition care plan together accordingly. 

Discovery Call

15 min, CA$0.00
      If we've never met before, let's take some time to see if we are a good fit.