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Sarah Howe McKenna Registered DietitianAlberta, Canada

Licence number

  • 1526 Alberta


Hi, I’m Sarah Howe McKenna. I’m a registered dietitian who loves helping people feel better. I’m weight-inclusive and have lots of experience teaching intuitive eating. I’m also certified in the “How to Eat” method from the Ellyn Satter Institute which focuses on helping people move away from diets and towards joy and acceptance with eating.

I have celiac disease myself so I am very knowledgeable about the gluten free diet and my real life experience can help with practical strategies to make eating gluten-free easier, more nutritious and more enjoyable. I also have expertise in helping people with the low FODMAP diet and other diets for digestive conditions like Crohn’s and colitis.

For any condition, whether it’s food allergies, pregnancy, picky eating or senior’s health, my goal is to work with you to find a way of eating that makes you feel good and works for your lifestyle  I specialize in a coaching approach so that the goals we work on are achievable and more likely to be successful

Education and Credentials
B.Sc in Nutritional Sciences, McGill University
Commission on Dietetic Registration, USA
Certified in the “How to Eat” method from ESI
Over 20 years experience



Allergies and Intolerances
Digestive Concerns
Intuitive Eating
Pregnancy and Breastfeeding
Wellness and Prevention

Languages spoken

  • English

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Initial Assessment

60 min, CA$200.00
      I will work with you to assess your nutritional status and develop a plan to improve your dietary habits and overall health. The goal of nutritional counseling is to provide personalized nutrition education and support to help you achieve your nutritional goals and your overall well-being.

Follow Up

20 min, CA$50.00
      Short frequent appointments can be helpful in achieving your nutritional goals. At a follow up, I will 
assess your progress, review the effectiveness of the previous recommendations, and provide suggestions.  

Stop Dieting & Start Eating

480 min, CA$1,500.00
      This is a series of 8-12 appointments designed to help you become comfortable with eating and nourishing your body without going on a diet.  This series is designed for people who have struggled with chronic dieting for many years and would like to stop but aren't sure how.  We will work through some focused exercises and strategies to help you become less anxious with food and have it take up less space in your brain.  It is recommended to do the first six sessions weekly and then begin to space them out after that.  This program comes from the Ellyn Satter Institute and is supported by research.  It can also be used to help people with diabetes and is linked to better blood sugar control.