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Samantha Holmgren Diététiste - NutritionnisteOntario, Canada

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      You’re too young to feel this old!

I focus on helping people with chronic pain, especially joint pain, and fatigue because I’ve been there. This adds an extra layer of complexity to your health and your life. You need solutions that are going to work even on days when you are dealing with a flare of pain or your fatigue is dragging you down even harder.

You still have to feed yourself and take care of yourself. You still have to work on your relationship with food, while dealing with pain and a lack of energy. You still have to carry on with life with this extra weight on your shoulders.

I will help you discover the lifestyle that works best for you by combining nutrition science and your own lived experience. I will help you reconnect with your intuitive sense of what you need so that you know how to best care for yourself.

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